Terms of Use

  1. PAYMENT PROCESSING: MasterCard is the preferred partner of Grand Cinemas. We also accept payment from Visa credit cards.
  2. Cancelation of Orders and Refund Policy: We TAJ Cinemas shall be entitled to cancel or terminate our obligation to fulfill any order, for any reason whatsoever, even after an order is confirmed by, and paid for by the customer, with or without notice and we shall not be liable to any party for such termination or cancellation. In such event, we shall refund to the customer the ticket price.We will not entertain any cancellation by the customer once the transaction is confirmed by the customer.
  3. EXCHNAGE & REFUND POLICY: All tickets sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  4. FEEDBACK: We welcome your feedback. Should you feel dissatisfied with any of our services, please e-mail us at info@srndco.com
  5. Confidentiality of Transactions: We treat all transactions and customers' particular with the strictest confidence.
  6. WEBSITE SECURITY: Our system supports SSL 128-bit encryption technology, hence all credit card transactions are conducted in a secure environment.

    TAJ Cinemas website has security measures in place to protect against loss, misuse and alteration of information. Our secure server encrypts all personal information and credit details, so that it cannot be read or accessed.
    The advanced technology employed by TAJ Cinemas ensures all users credit card information cannot be used fraudulently.
  7. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption: Industry standards security measures are used through your browser called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. As users enter the payment information, it is captured on a page that uses the SSL protocol by default. All personal and financial information is encrypted as it travels over the internet.
  8. Babies under 5 years of age are not allowed at and after 7 PM shows.

    By purchasing our Taj Cinemas Tickets, customers have agreed to the following terms and conditions.
  9. You agree to abide by the cinema theatre rules when you patronize Taj Cinemas. The theatre rules are displayed prominently in the vicinity of the box office and at the entrance of Taj Cinemas
  10. You agree that Taj Cinemas reserves the right to refuse entry to you or remove you from the premises should you fail to comply with the theatre rules and/or at its discretion.
  11. You agree that movie Showtime's are subject to change and without prior notice to you and that Taj Cinemas shall not be liable to you or any third party for such cancellation or change. In such event, Taj Cinemas shall refund to you an amount not exceeding the ticket price.
  12. You agree that Taj Cinemas shall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect and/or consequential losses, damages, injuries suffered by you within Taj Cinemas premises arising from any acts or omissions of Taj Cinemas, its staff and/or its other customers/patrons whether those acts or omissions were negligent or otherwise.
  13. You agree to identify Taj Cinemas and/or its staff for any direct, indirect and/or consequential losses, damages, injuries suffered by Taj Cinemas, its staff and/or other customers/patrons within Taj Cinemas premises, arising from any of your actions or omissions, whether intentional, negligent or otherwise.
  14. Both you and Taj Cinemas agree that this contract is governed by the Jordan’s laws and both parties agree that all disputes are to be referred to arbitration.
  15. You accept that movie tickets are made available subject to the classification of the relevant film given by the Office of the Ministry of Information classification department.